The company’s mission in an ongoing enterprise is connecting its customers with the best the ocean has to offer from sustainable eco-sensitive fisheries while being responsive to the needs of retailers and restaurants worldwide. Del Rosario Distribution has managed to succeed as a reliable and responsible company by maintaining these core values. The quality of Del Rosario Distribution products is proudly displayed by Chefs in kitchens of Miami


Succulent, delicious and loaded with plenty of vitamins and minerals, crab meat is something that should make its way onto your table often, not just on special occasions like anniversaries.

• Blue crab (Different sizes)
• King Crab (Different Sizes)
• Snow Crab (Different Sizes)


A fish fillet, from the French word filet meaning a thread or strip, is the flesh of a fish which has been cut or sliced away from the bone by cutting lengthwise along one side of the fish parallel to the backbone

• Butterfly King Snapper Fillet (Different sizes)
• Snapper Fillet B/less Skinless (Different Sizes)
• Scarlet Snapper Fillet (Different Sizes)
• Corvina Fillet (Different sizes)
• Grouper Fillet (Different Sizes)
• Tilapia Fillet 100% Natural (Different Sizes)
• Swai Fillet (Different Sizes)


A cut, normally of uniform thickness, with no taper and no bones. Loins are taken from large fish like tuna, swordfish or shark, cut from the backbone lengthwise into quarters.

• Tuna Loin (Different sizes)


From sustainable, responsible fisheries and the vast, wide open oceans, we are committed to delivering a product that is as environmentally conscious as it is delectable.

• Corvina Portion (Different sizes)
• Mahi portion (Different Sizes)
• Seabass Portion (Different Sizes)
• Chilean Salmon (Different Sizes)


When it comes to seafood, selection is key. Del Rosario Distribution’s products bring you all the highly sought-after varieties like swai, tilapia, shrimp and other family favorites freshly-frozen straight from the open seas and fisheries.

• King Fish Steaks (Different Sizes)
• Tuna Steaks (Different Sizes)
• Wahoo Steaks (Different Sizes)


Sustainability is more than a buzzword – it’s a deeply-held belief in doing things the right way. We ensure that our fish and shellfish meet the highest standards to ensure the conservation of fish stocks and their ecosystems.

• Whole Red Caribbean Snapper (Different Sizes)
• Whole Lane Snapper (Different Sizes)
• Whole Yellow Tail Snapper (Different Sizes)
• Whole Conch Meat


We work with suppliers to develop new products and their marketing strategies. This includes innovations in fishing and farming techniques, processing, packaging and logistics..

• COD Croquettes (Bacalao)
• Lobster tails (Different Sizes)
• Octopus (Different sizes)
• Squid Rings
• Squid U10 100%
• Squid Tube & Tentacles


These are the same mussels that local 5 star restaurants use.
You’re getting the best mussel that Miami has to offer, and
arguably in the world.

• Green Shell Half Mussels
• Black Mussels
• Clams whole (Different sizes)


Shrimp have a bite or snap and a pleasant shrimp taste. Shrimp can be seasoned and used in an infinite variety of preparations. Cooked shrimp meat has a pleasing pink color.

• Shrimp Red Argentinean L1 U8
• Shrimp Red Argentinean Raw Ez Peel (Different Sizes)
• Shrimp Red Argentinean Raw P&D Tail On (Different Sizes)
• Shrimp Red Argentinean Raw P&D Tail Off (Different Sizes)
• Shrimp White Raw P&D Tail On (Different Sizes)
• Shrimp White Raw P&D Tail Off (Different Sizes)
• Shrimp White Cooked P&D Tail On (Different Sizes)

Wide Range of solutions


With an over-all partnership, the future of Del Rosario Distribution remains bright. Del Rosario Distribution will continue to grow by providing customers with quality product, accompanied by aggressive pricing and backed by a level of service that competitors cannot sustain.