Del Rosario Distribution has grown and continually developed its processes and competitive advantage since its inception. Striving for that all important high quality American product by ensuring strong relationships with our customers.


Del Rosario Distribution Lamb prides itself on its commitment to quality, service and value for money. We endeavour to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. Such characteristics form the foundations of our family owned and operated business.

• Lamb leg b/in
• Lamb leg b/less
• Lamb top round cap on


Australian and New Zealand lambs are able to grow up in their natural environment and in complete freedom. The result is lamb’s meat of an exceptional and highly consistent quality. For many years, New-Zealand has been the standard for the food service sector.

• Lamb leg b/in
• Lamb leg b/less
• Lamb whole carcass
• Lamb Fore Shank
• Lamb Hind Shank H/On
• Lamb Hind Shank Frenched
• Lamb Racks Frenched (Different sizes)
• Lamb Racks Standard


The magnificent Patagonia region is situated in the deep south of Chile and Argentina. Wide open spaces and poor soil characterise the landscape. Lambs have the freedom to roam the vast landscape in search of a balanced diet. Meat from Patagonian lambs is healthy and lean, sustainable and firm

• Lamb whole
• Lamb Hind Shank

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With an over-all partnership, the future of Del Rosario Distribution remains bright. Del Rosario Distribution will continue to grow by providing customers with quality product, accompanied by aggressive pricing and backed by a level of service that competitors cannot sustain.