The Beginnings


Del Rosario Distribution was founded in 2009 as meat Distribution Company, dating back to the days in Rosario, Argentina. What began as a small family ensemble has become a major wholesale distributor in the Southeast U.S., Caribbean and Puerto Rico.
Del Rosario Distribution, has immediately become a name other business owners learned to respect. In 2014, 5 years after the company’s founding, Del Rosario Distribution is one of the leading Hispanic-owned companies.

What’s Happening Nowdays

With an over-all partnership, the future of Del Rosario Distribution remains bright. Del Rosario Distribution will continue to grow by providing customers with quality product, accompanied by aggressive pricing and backed by a level of service that competitors cannot sustain.

Our Plans in the Future


With the financial power to buy direct and in vast quantities, Del Rosario Distribution is able to offer lower prices and more variety than the Majority of its competitors. The company’s product line has grown from a few staple meat and Dairy items to thousands of different products in all of the major perishable food categories: meat, poultry, veal, Lamb, dairy, cheeses, and hams and in a short period of time also seafood.

Bottom Line

Our aim is to be the best distribution company, and we’ll get there by continuing to offer excellent service and products clients love, creating a performance-based culture that motivates and excites employees and becoming the best investment in the industry.